8 Essential

Things to Keep in Mind When Transferring Your Domain Name Registration

Wondering how to transfer your domain name registration to another domain registrar? Here are 8 essential things you need to keep in mind!

Transfering your domain name registration from one domain name registrar to another is not the simplest thing in the world and sometimes it can be quite confusing as there are so many things and details you need to be aware of. Wondering how to successfully transfer your domain name registration to another domain registrar?

Here are a few things that will simplify the process:

➢ Get your authorization code

This code is also known as “auth code” and it is 100% required to successfully transfer your domain name. This code is designed to prevent fraudulent and unauthorized domain transfers and helps make sure that the person who is transferring the domain is the owner of the domain.

➢ Unlock the domain name

This is a pretty simple thing for you to do. You can unlock the domain name in the control panel of your current domain name registrar. The domain name cannot be transferred if it is locked.

➢ Keep in mind the 60-day domain rule

Your domain name cannot be transferred within the first two months or 60 days of registration. If you have registered the domain within the last 60 days, you won’t be able to transfer the domain.

➢ Turn off Whois Domain Privacy

The next thing you should do is turning off Whois Domain Privacy (if it is turned on, of course). You need to do this so that new domain registrar can recognize that you are the legal owner of the domain. Once the domain name registration is successfully transferred, you can enable domain privacy again.

Domain Privacy

➢ Make sure you have a complete access to your Admin email address

You need to make sure the Whois info of your domain is completely accurate and focus on the admin email address. When preparing to transfer the domain, all the important emails, will be automatically sent to the admin email address and if you don’t have a complete access to this account, you will never see the important transfer emails.

➢ Add one year to your domain name registration

Transferring a domain name adds one year to your curre domain name registration. Usually, this is common at every domain name registrar, however, different registrars have different prices.

➢ Approve your domain transfer

It is time to approve your domain transfer. The process of approving the transfer starts with the FOA email or Form of Authorization email (one of the important transfer emails) we have discussed earlier. Opening the Form of Authorization email is not enough to complete the transfer. You need to click on the link and go to the Transfer Approval Page to complete the approval process there. Please keep in mind that the link is only valid for a few days (usually it is valid for 7 days only) so we would like to remind you not to wait and click on the link as soon as you will receive the mail or you will have to start the process all over again.

➢ The waiting period

Usually, it takes up to 10 days for your domain name to transfer from one domain name registrar to another. Once the waiting period is over, that means the transfer is completed and your domain is successfully transferred to your new domain name registrar.

There you go! These are the essential things one should be aware of when transferring a domain name. We hope these tips will help you, regardless of the domain name registrar you use. Keep in mind that different domain name registrars may have different transfer approval processes.

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